Collecting musical moments... 

Who are we?

The Epops team is lead by two old friends and bandmates: Lara and Moreno, both lifelong musicians, creating music together since 1997. But the team changes and expands in regards to the project we are curating. In many many years in the musical business we formed strong bonds with different professionals and we are always looking for new talents in the business... merging old and new, the team is not a static entity but a living creature, always evolving and changing.

What we do?

We are a production team working in a complex network of artists, musicians, composers, and producers, connecting multiple talents from different countries in order to create the finest music productions. Our strongest point is the flexibility with which we approach every production. We created a mobile studio setup, so we can record and create virtually anywhere. We believe that even the right environment is part of the creative process and it needs to be considered.

Our mission?

Music is a source of inspiration in our lives, a source of life force, and an excuse to connect with like-minded people but also a way to expand our horizons connecting with people that are different from us. Our mission is to be a musical bridge between people, arts, musical styles, cultures, languages, nations, genres and, ideas. Music is our universal languge and we speak it fluently... :)